Not Just Any Toy!

Posted by Shoan Dsouza on

Did you know the first six years of a child's life is most important time for their brain development? That is why we carefully select toys that help to boost brain development! Invest your child's time only with the toys which are educative and fun at the same time.

These are our best selections of educative toys.

Wooden Toys

These toys are carefully crafted,classic, simple and pleasant to touch as they are made from wood. Montessori practices  are based on the sense of touch while learning, as it helps small children to use all five senses to understand the subjects. These wooden toys are inspired by these principles and their simplicity encourages children to find new discoveries, develop independent play, creativity, expanding their spatial, mathematical thinking and develop fine motor skills.


STEM toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys geared towards curiosity, learning, and education. It essentially helps them live the concepts rather than only reading about them. IT’S BECOMING AN INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT TOPIC IN EARLY EDUCATION. Many of today’s most prestigious professions have roots in STEM, from robotics and AI to neuroscience and biochemistry.The world will still need innovators, creators, critical thinkers, people who possess both technical and creative skills.That’s why STEM activities are so important, they bring the pure joy of discovery and learning not only to our kids, but to us adults too.

With STEM-related toys kids can develop useful skills in various areas such as eye and hand coordination, creative thinking, new ideas, patient and organisational skill, fine motor skills, focus and concentration, planning skill, problem solving, and many more.

Pretend Play Toys 
Pretend play is important to develop children's skills and abilities in so many area of life. This could lead to their choice of future career. Their imaginary world is as real as it can be for them. Which will lead play into learning activities in the most fun way.